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The Hemp Network – Is It A Sensible Online Marketing Service Chance?


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There is currently a multi-level advertising and marketing (MULTI LEVEL MARKETING) company developed to supply hemp and also health relevant products to the masses. Hemp is a plant that has been around for hundreds of years efficient in creating food, gas and also fiber as well as is utilized in various applications including fabrics, paper and compounds for production. According to, hemp has much less than 1% THC, the psychedelic component in Cannabis Sativa Linnaeus. To put it simply, hemp is to cannabis as non-alcoholic beer is to beer.

What is The Hemp Network?
The Hemp Network is an online marketing based division of Clinical Cannabis Inc. Medical Marijuana Inc. is an Oregon firm founded in March of 2009 that delivers an effective and also safe framework for the Medical Cannabis Industry. The makers of The Hemp Network think there is a growing need for hemp based items so they are responding to that demand by establishing a multi-level marketing version for its circulation.

Who Lags It And When Did It Begin?
Don Steinberg and also Bruce Perlowin are heading up the company. The only thing they have actually done in the past is develop the world’s largest telecom network marketing company on the planet. I guess that’s good enough right? They bring that experience plus a group of consultants and also affiliates that consist of immunologists, formulators, Physicians, PhD’s, marketing teams, software application designers as well as even more.

According to, The Hemp Network has actually remained in pre-launch as well as was readied to officially release on June 1, 2010. However, on, it mentions that the company was starting pre-launch on August 28, 2010. Regardless it appears like the firm is obtaining momentum with over 1,000 International Hemp Consultants (IHC) so far. In addition, the moms and dad business, Medical Cannabis Inc., is intending the largest cannabis/wellness occasion ever before kept in the Midwest at the Pontiac Silverdome in Michigan in late October 2010.

What’s The Compensation Plan?
According to, there is no charge to be a member of The Hemp Network. The business is utilizing a hybrid pay plan that is a Unidirectional Global Power Leg on the front end where everyone who signs up goes under each various other on a first in basis, with a Unilevel pay plan on the backside. What? Ok, where’s Amway and their circles when you require them? I need to see this extracted theoretically! Anyway, the simplest method to place it is that when you sponsor someone into The Hemp Network, that person shows up in the Global Power Leg at the bottom and also on your first level on your backside Unilevel. They are making use of the Global Power Leg for perks as well as a motivation variable for IHC’s so they see all individuals below them. Makes excellent feeling right?

Is The Hemp Network A Viable Chance?
The fact that the hemp market has actually been around for hundreds of years which the product has such a wide range of usages is a huge advantage. The inquiry is, can The Hemp Network complete in the crowded health category of products? Being the initial firm to bring hemp to internet marketing provides a good begin for sure. It additionally aids to have 2 individuals running the program that have built large multi level marketing business in the past.

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