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Which Delta 8 Strains Are Best for Anxiety


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Delta 8 THC may be the second most popular hemp-derived cannabinoid after CBD, largely due to its mild but extremely pleasant and soothing psychoactive effect. Delta 8 is a versatile cannabinoid that can be enjoyed for a variety of reasons. However, many people find it the perfect cannabinoid after a hard day at work when they just want to relax and unwind.

It’s not surprising that many people with anxiety seek out Delta 8 THC, given that it seems to help with stress. It’s important to note that anxiety sufferers might find that a specific strain can provide the relief they need.

Can Delta 8 Help with Anxiety?

Delta 8 THC, a cannabinoid derived from hemp was discovered in 1960 and studied since then for its useful effects on the human body. This mild psychoactive has about 70% of the intoxicating effects as delta 9 THC. Another key characteristic is that it prefers CB1 receptors within the nervous system. The cannabinoid could have a powerful effect on the nervous system, including mood.

Cannabinoids can help balance neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. These are key players when it comes to our constantly changing stress and anxiety levels. Delta 8 may be an anxiolytic. This means the cannabinoid has the potential to relieve anxiety and stress.

Why Choose a Delta 8 Strain?

Did you know that the hemp plant is much more than Delta 8 THC alone? The hemp plant contains hundreds of compounds that work in synergy to produce unique effects on the mind and body. Terpenes, secondary compounds found in hemp, provide a variety of beneficial properties and add flavor and aroma. These terpenes can be arranged in different ways by different hemp breeds, which alters the plant’s properties and gives it a unique flavor and aroma.

The strain is the terpene configuration and breed of the hemp product. Some strains work better than others for anxiety. Indica and Sativa dominant hybrid strains are generally considered to be the most useful if you want the calming aspect of hemp.

Indica strains can be classified based on myrcene content. Myrcene, a soothing terpene that is present in greater than 0.5%, has a strong effect. Indica-dominant sativa hybrids are created by crossing an Indica and Sativa. They offer a balanced experience, with less of a couchlock effect or a dulling of the cerebral properties.

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